Santa Cruz River Band
kicks off the series in Cumberland
at the

Allegany Arts Council
JULY 2008

photo by Dave Rotruck

OneTree Production, Ltd. supports
the American for Disabilities Act (ADA).

Patrons requiring reasonable
accommodations to enjoy events
are asked to contact us prior to
attending an event, so that we can
best honor your needs.
About OneTree

OneTree Productions' mission
is to present quality visual, musical,
literary, and performing arts
that cultivate opportunities
for community
enrichment, enjoyment,
and communication
while exploring diverse
artistic and cultural traditions.

In 2015 OneTree Celebrates its
8th Anniversary in Cumberland

and 17th Anniversary as a Nonprofit Community Arts Organization ! ! !

OneTree Productions promotes its mission by

*Presenting community events, concerts, exhibitions, and performances of established and emerging artists, often through partnerships, that generate community collaboration, enrichment, enjoyment, and participation in the arts.

*Conducting workshops, seminars, and tours to enhance knowledge, and to encourage creative expression.

*Facilitating community outreach and educational opportunities to increase the awareness and enjoyment of arts and culture.

OneTree Productions, Ltd. is a
Maryland State Tax-Exempt
Nonstock Corporation
EIN # 26-3662596

OneTree Productions, Ltd.
P. O. Box 216
Cumberland, MD 21501

Christina Collins-Smith,
Dr. Samuel Torres,
Margaret Torres,
Shawn M. Lockhart,
Colby Smith-Hynes, Esq.,
Kenneth M. Smith, Esq.,
Evelyn Smith,
Susan Stark Thornton,
Shirley Giarritta,
Marion Ware,
Pamela Reynolds

Michael Baytop, David Nicolas, Kevin Thornton, Dave Rotruck, Amy Shuman, Gordon Wickes, W. Jeffery Carey, Alan Bogage,
Danuta Kosk-Kosicka,
Barbara DeCesare,
Timothy L. Porter, Esq.
The Advsors, listed above, reflect those individuals who have generously donated their time and talent to support the organization and have agreed to be identified.